Meet Shahrukh

I’m so happy you’ve made it to my website and you want to find out a bit about me.

Well… Hi! My name is Shahrukh Asif and I'm behind the camera. I'm your London based photographer/videographer and I’m happy to tell you that I cover all over UK.

Originally, I'm from Pakistan where I got big fat Pakistani weddings’ experience for over 6 years.

I love creativity in general, so that’s the reason why I enjoy Asian, Pakistani and Indian wedding Photography. I take wedding photography not as a job but a fun event to attend and make everyone comfortable around me while I immortalize the most beautiful moments.

My style is minimalist and natural. I like to record actual candid moments as compared to different unnatural poses. But some clients like them so I don't mind capturing poses.

Films, architecture, paintings, design and fashion photography influence my work and I try to keep my work evolving with time.

I love couples who like creativity and are willing to go an extra mile at trying something new.